Lexi   / Writer, Producer

Lexi / Writer, Producer

Meet the Team

Hey everyone,

Lexi and Zach Read here, the filmmaking duo behind Rhyme & Reason.

We’re business partners that moonlight as a married couple! No, but really, our days are usually spent sitting side-by-side working through editing whatever new project were working on from our home office.

Lexi is the heart and soul behind everything we put out, and Zach is the technical wizard that makes everything click. Together, we couldn’t be a better team, or at least that’s what we think.

As filmmakers, we consider ourselves artists who are interested in stories as experiences, both the listening and the telling of them, and we strive to stay true to that with every single film we create.

We’ve found quite a home producing documentaries and brand films that are centered around hope, grit, and the human spirit in general.

Our dreams include growing this little operation we’ve got here, creating more and more work that inspires people, and connecting with others that share a similar vision.

If you're compelled by what we do and want us tell your story, please introduce yourself or browse our work.

We also love collaborating with other artists as well, and would love to work on your set. Check out our individual sites to see how we could contribute to your film or video project: Zach / LEX

And if you’re interested in Rhyme & Reason’s origin story, just keep scrolling.

Zach / Cinematographer, Editor

Zach / Cinematographer, Editor

Our Story

Lexi on-camera for that first project that she hired Zach for.

Lexi on-camera for that first project that she hired Zach for.

Before this production company, Lexi was writing and working in marketing and communications, and Zach was filming any and every project that someone would throw his way. And in the Spring of 2016, it just so happened that Lexi was in need of a video.

She met Zach when she hired him to create a video for an organization that she founded. What began as a professional collaboration quickly turned into a budding romance, and Lexi never did receive the video she had originally hired Zach to make ;)

What she did received was a boyfriend and life-long partner. However, neither of them realized that would extend well beyond their personal lives.

About a year into their relationship, Lexi was approached by a colleague at TODAY.com (where she had been a guest writer on occasion). The individual was interested in her working on a video project for their website. Lexi saw an opportunity. She pitched the idea of she and Zach working together on what became the film To the Mother With an Aching Heart.

Grainy photo of Zach & Lexi’s first date

Grainy photo of Zach & Lexi’s first date

After weeks of not knowing if her pitch fell on deaf ears, she got an email response: ‘Sure!”

A month later, the film was publishing on mother’s day. It got over 12 million views on social media and was shared nearly 130,000 times. This kicked off a dream that both Lexi and Zach had hoped would become a reality one day: starting a production company together.

Since then, they’ve continued to work with NBC Universal and the TODAY Show, traveling to over half the United States, creating over 80 videos to date and having their pieces consistently make into TODAY’s list of top performing videos on social media.

In addition to all that, Lexi and Zach have taken on projects for companies, non-profits and individuals, telling their stories with the same poignant tenderness that they approached that first film for the TODAY Show.

Just a lil high-five action in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Just a lil high-five action in front of the Golden Gate Bridge